How to File IVC Filter Lawsuit?

Receiving a diagnosis for potentially a fatal blood clot might be a major shock. Doctors prescribe medication to treat these clots. However, in some of the cases, only medication cannot break up the clots and doctors prescribed implant an IVC filter.

The device acts as a trap to isolate the trap and keep it from causing serious harm. IVC filters are not new in the medical field as they have been in use for more than five decades. Many manufacturers make these types of devices which have all been approved by FDA.

However, a wide number of people filed bard IVC filter lawsuit as they are suffering from several complications and these include:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac tamponade
  • Hole in the lungs or heart
  • Death

Have you suffered from any of the complications after implanting the device in your body? If ‘yes’, then visit your doctor and uninstall the device from your body. The device that you have implanted to get rid of a certain issue is now causing harm. Would you not like to file greenfield filter lawsuit? The professional lawyers are there to help you in this.

They will hear your issues and then decide whether you will be eligible for the compensation or not. If you choose the professionals of IVC Filterlitigation, they will stand with you during the whole procedure.

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