IVC Complications and Warnings Issued by the FDA

Every surgery carries a certain amount of risk which can include infections, excessive bleeding or even a negative reaction to the anesthesia used during the procedure. We at IVC Filter Litigation are legal experts that have handled a large number of IVC cases over the years. Here is some information on the complications of this medical device and some warnings that the FDA has issued about it:

IVC complication

In the case of an IVC filter, there are certain specific, additional risks such as:

  • Clots may bypass this filter and end up causing problems.
  • The IVC may cause some perforations in the vein.
  • The device may shift position or come loose after it has been implanted. If this occurs, the device could potentially cause damage to various other organs in the body.

IVC device brands that is prone to fail

Some devices manufactured by IVC filter manufacturers Bard and Cook Medical are known to fail more than others. The FDA had also issued Bard a warning letter, stating that the manufacturer was marketing products that hadn’t been approved, or that they had launched products that had been considerably altered post their approval. A number of reports also indicate that most of the filter devices manufactured by this company tend to break far more often than many others.

Warnings issued by the FDA relate to the complications mentioned above. The agency also recommends that these filters should be removed as soon as it is determined that the clot-formation risk has passed. They had also concluded that if the device was allowed to sit in place longer than needed, it can cause blockages in the inferior vena cava.

About Bard IVC filter lawsuit settlements

Bard is one of the companies that manufacture these devices and in the recent past, there have been a large number of Bard IVC filter lawsuit settlements being made. The Greenfield filter lawsuit was filed in 2015 against Boston Scientific, by a woman who claimed that the device that had been implanted in her failed and caused severe internal bleeding. Since then, there have been a large number of similar lawsuits filed.

If you or a family member has suffered in any way due to an IVC filter implantation, you may want to get some legal help to understand its implications and whether you are eligible for compensation. For any more information, please call IVC Filter Litigation at 1(855) 631-1338. You can also use the online form on this page to request a free consultation.


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