How IVC Filter attorneys can help you?


IVC filter is a common medical device which is inserted into the inferior vena cava (IVC) to avoid fatal blood clots in the body post a surgery of hip or knee replacement. The FDA released a safety warning about the adverse side effects associated with the device given the increasing number of risks reported with the placement of IVC filters. The researchers recommended on removing the filters as soon as they are not needed as the longer they stay in the body, the higher the chances of complications.

The victims of the IVC filter implant have filed for the legal complaints against the manufacturing companies. The IVC filter lawsuit lawyers will help the plaintiff file the case and help determine whether or not the case will be eligible for financial compensation.

Common complications

  • IVC perforation
  • filter fracture
  • heart blockage
  • damage to vital organs, including lungs or heart

Why you need IVC filter lawyers?

IVC filters can fracture leading to the migration of the device or parts of it perforate or puncture other organs. These people allege that these devices are flawed in designs and that it can have fatal side effects.

The FDA issued a warning against the manufacturing companies pointing out the defects in the devices. The IVC filter could fracture and migrate to other parts of the body causing organ perforation. The lawsuit allows the plaintiffs to file complaints against the manufacturing companies for concealing the deadly side effects of these devices. FDA sent them warning letters owing to the misbranding and adulterating of these medical devices. It has urged the physicians to diagnose the patients with retrievable blood clot filters regularly and get them removed as soon as they have passed the chances of PE. Victims of any physical injury can claim for the expenses of the ongoing and future medical bills.

If you are suffering from the complications of the implant of inferior vene cava filter, get in touch with the experienced team of and get a free evaluation of your case. Visit or dial 1 (855) 631-1338 to get an appointment with the team of attorneys and determine whether or not your case is eligible for financial compensation.

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