Major IVC Filter Side Effects.


IVC Filters are designed to prevent blood clots in patients who cannot take anticoagulants. It is commonly prescribed for patients who undergo hip or knee replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, these devices do not always work the way they are intended to.

The IVC filter is made of metal with long spider-like legs commonly called as struts. Unfortunately, there have been reports where these filters broke off from the original position migrating to different parts of the body. These defectively designed filters can cause severe blood clot filter side effects leading to irreversible consequences.

Some of the most common complaints received by the FDA include:

  • filter fracture
  • blood clot filter migration
  • embolization (where the entire filter or a part of it moves in the bloodstream)
  • perforation of the IVC
  • difficulty in removal surgery

How do you know you have faulty implant?

Patients with the IVC filter should look out for the following signs which are suggestive of faulty IVC implant:

  • Ache in lower body parts

IVC penetration or strut migration can cause immense pain along with swollen legs. The broken pieces can migrate anywhere in the blood stream and cause infection, organ perforation and other complexities.

  • Abdominal, cardiac or back pain

Severe abdominal and back pain is the most commonly occurring symptom of a faulty IVC filter. A dislocated or broken piece of the filter might migrate and settle in an organ not intended to be at. It causes a chronic pain correlated with specific movements. Get medical attention immediately if the pain persists.

Complications those are eligible for compensation

Defective IVC filter can cause the following complications all of which are recognized as considerable points while filing lawsuit

  • Severe abdominal and back pain
  • Pain in lower extremities
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Unusually high heart rate

If you or someone you love suffered from the complications of IVC filter implantation, get in touch with the experienced team of who can help you determine whether the case is eligible for financial compensation or not.

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