How To Hire An IVC Filter Lawyer?

Serious IVC filter side effects can occur if the filter device is defective or incorrectly placed in the vein. A defective device can result in serious adverse effects often resulting in legal lawsuits and taking help from IVC filter lawyers. Some of the serious adverse side effects of the defective filter are:

  • Vein perforation
  • Organ perforation
  • Device migration/breakage
  • Pulmonary embolism


The patients who have suffered from serious complications of the IVC filters are suggested to seek for immediate medical attention to have their filter removed. In some more serious cases, it may be too dangerous for blood clot filter removal, as any movement could cause immediate serious damage.

These removal surgeries are complicated, painful and expensive. Under the circumstances when the patients were forced to undergo removal of their blood clot filter device in order to prevent further damage are entitled to seek for legal compensation.

Such cases are subjected to legal helps from filter attorneys.

When and how to hire an IVC filter attorney:

Many patients have responded by filing lawsuits against manufacturers of their filter devices when they have experienced serious side effects such as perforation. The lawsuit alleged that the filters were not worth the risk and that the manufacturers had concealed the probable seriousness of side effects from consumers and the larger medical community.

These patients hire an IVC filter attorney to make their lawsuit settlements successful. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that hundreds of patients have reported vein filter adverse side effects in the last ten years.

Lawsuits over vein filter complications allege that device manufacturers have a responsibility to warn consumers and the medical community about the serious risks associated with their filter devices. Filing a lawsuit doesn’t repair the physical damage caused to the patients, neither the emotional trauma is subsided. But the financial compensation does help in the outflow caused during medical expenses and also the lost wages during the day-offs for treatment.

If you or someone you know has been implanted with defective IVC filter and suffered from mild or severe complications, you must contact an IVC filter lawyer to help you file a lawsuit. IVC Filter Litigation can be contacted for attorneys to help you for IVC filters lawsuit settlements. Call on (855) 631-1338 for more details.

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