Four Main Greenfield Filter Complications

Inferior Vena Cava Filter is a metallic medical device which is used to treat the prevention of pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients who cannot use anticoagulants (blood thinners). The filters are used to avert the rising blood clot before it reaches any organ, especially lungs or heart. It is generally used for people who have recurrent blood clotting problems despite of being on anticoagulant medication.

Patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgeries remain at the risk of deep vein thromboses (DVTs) or pulmonary embolism. The vena cava is the major vein in the human body which is responsible for transporting the deoxygenated blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. The device helps to prevent the blood clots from migrating to the heart or lungs and causing life threatening results.


greenfield filter lawsuit

Some of the most severe greenfield filter complications include but not limited to:

  • damage to vital organs including heart and lungs
  • fracture of the filter
  • IVC perforation
  • blockage in heart
  • death

According to FDA, the following situations are when a doctor finds it ideal for using the IVC filter devices:

  • when anticoagulant therapy is inadvisable
  • when anticoagulant therapy has failed
  • in situation of massive pulmonary embolism and more so when it needs emergency intervention

As the victims reported of some serious greenfield filter complications, they filed for blood clot filter lawsuit. The victim can claim for financial compensation to cover the expenses of:

  • all the ongoing medical expenses as well as that of the future medications
  • pay for the inability to earn
  • cost for the loss of wages
  • penalty for lost wages

Let’s have a look at the complications in details

  • Abdominal or Back Pain – a defective IVC filter can come up with varying symptoms from heart rhythm problems to asymptomatic complications. Severe abdominal and back pain is the most commonly happening symptom of a defective IVC filter. As the support rod of the main structure of the retrievable IVC filter breaks off, it starts traveling all through the blood vessels and settles in some organ or vein not intended to be at. Sometimes, such pain can associate with precise bodily movements where it needs immediate medical help. These pieces migrate through the upstream blood and the process is called Embolization.
  • Patients with IVC filters must look out for doctor’s attention if they suffer from pain and suffering in the cardiac region. Neck pains, lightheadedness, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, unusually increased heart rate are the other signs should not be ignored if shows up too often after the IVC implant surgery.
  • IVC Filter Thrombosis: blood clots can be formed within the IVC filters if these devices have defective designs. In fact, if this happens, the entire idea of preventing pulmonary embolism is no more valid and can lead to lower back pain, painful swellings, and inflammation.
  • Continuous ache in lower extremities – As the IVC filters are linked with prevention of blood clots in the legs and pelvic region, any pain or unusual soreness in the thighs and legs can be interpreted as one of the greenfield filter complications. Extreme pain can be the main sign of IVC penetration or strut migration. Swollen legs with extreme and consistent pain are probable signs that the filter has become congested with blood clots.

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